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Update about our trip (April 2012)

Dear friends,

We would like to make a short update about the status of our trip.

Time flies and it does it even more when one is enjoying so much as we have done. Unfortunately, the five months are about to end and we are already back in Europe.

However, it is not all bad news, at least for you, our be-loved readers!

We still have many stories to tell you, and we will continue writing this blog, even though we are back.

In fact, we still need to talk about many places, including the countries of Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan, that we have visited since mid-January.

It has been difficult to keep up with the blog in these countries, because, except Singapore, in the other three countries it was not easy to get wifi access (surprisingly, even in Japan it wasn’t!).

Anyway, we hope that you continue to enjoy reading this blog and the stories that we will be telling.

Thank you very much!!!

Sonsoles and Iván

One of the last pictures together during our trip, in Kyoto