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How everything started

I think that I discovered the magic of travelling when I moved to Denmark in August 2004. Before that I had mostly travelled inside Spain and not so much in foreign countries. I had shortly visited our neighbour countries (Portugal and France), but not even that extensivelly.  Moving to Denmark opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities of travelling, and little by little I became addicted to it! Travel addiction must be contagious, because Iván became addicted as well. We started by making 1 or 2 big trips a year, but we could never take more than 2-3 weeks at a time and it was never enough. Then the idea of making a long trip came to my mind without even realizing. It was a dream that became more and more real every time we met long term travellers in our trip. People who were also crazy about travelling and who had left everything in their home countries to travel with a backpack around the World. I suggested the idea to Iván a few times, but I never really believed in it myself. Leaving our jobs and our families for a long time scared me a lot! Finally it was our friend Caroline who encouraged me to talk to my manager. She knew about my dream and she told me to try to fullfil it. She said that in Denmark the companies had the possibility to give some time off to the employees and that she even knew people who had done it. After some weeks of turning it over our minds, we both decided to talk to our bosses and we both got 5 months off for travelling! The dream will start in November 2011!!